"Finding your strengths as an entrepreneur"
Written by Eric Ferron on Oct. 12th 2016
Should you focus on your strengths and pile up the momentum or focus on building up your weaknesses? Read this article to discover how you can exponentially grow your business starting right now by making the right decision.

This will be straight to the point. It really depends on your core competencies and where your vision of the company is going. I would suggest to follow these simple steps to experience an exponential increase in growth as fast as possible:

1. Define your business mission and long term vision
2. Map out all of your current business processes
3. Cut the fat and keep only the processes that actually solve the problem your clients have
4. Define what your core competencies are and focus on being the master at that
5. Gradually delegate the rest of the operations to your team as you grow and focus more and more on your core competencies.

This article was short and sweet and it's because I wanted to show you how simple the solution can be to a problem. This article solves your problem and gets you moving.

I feel a lot of entrepreneur and businesses have the mentality that packaging more stuff in the product makes it better and helps the customer. That's wrong! The simple and more straight forward the solution to your customer's problem is, the more he can get what he wants fast and that is to solve his problem. 

The goal of your client is to solve his problem, not go through your product, your material, your extra bonus and what not. The client only cares about solving his problem. If he could take a pill and the problem would be gone that's exactly what he would do.

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Have a wonderful day ;)

- Eric Ferron

Eric Ferron

Eric Ferron helps people start and grow successful coaching/consulting businesses. He is an expert at helping people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own coaching/consulting business or scaling up and getting clients then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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