"3 expert's tips to gaining momentum in your business and how to keep feeding the train".
Written by Eric Ferron on Oct. 19th 2016
I would like to introduce you to one of my best friends. He has help me in business, finance, health and all important area of my life. He is also responsible for enabling transportation of material across the land by train. His name is Mo. 

Mo is short for momentum. In business and life there is one sure way of getting exhausted and wanting to quit the daily struggle and that is: starting over time again. without momentum it is difficult to simply operate the daily operation of a business. Without momentum a business feels like a heavy load to cary everywhere you go and this load you can not get rid off! We have all been in the zone, when everything is growing, we are getting more and more customers, employees are happy customers are happy and the business is flourishing. That is a taste of what Mo can do for you but the truth is his potential is much larger than this feel good zone we experience once per month.

In this article I will share with you 3 tips every top entrepreneur uses to keep Mo in the company and making things right. I will also give you examples of personal situation where big Mo saved the day. Big Mo grew my company to more than $7,000,000 in revenue in just three years.

There is a video that show you how to use it for your coaching/consulting business. To watch you can CLICK HERE.

Tip 1

"Once you start, don't stop until it's easy"

Remember that merry-go-around you used to play with at the park with your friends? You had your best 3 buddies on the thing while you where trying to get it going. At the beginning it was though and you could hardly move it. In fact the first big push was the hardest and then you just had to keep pushing harder and harder until you gain a little speed. Finally you where pushing it around faster and faster until you where running and then you climb on yourself. Aaaa that was the fun part, you could let it go round and round and just had to give it a couple of swing with your foot to get it up to speed again. Big Mo was part of the ride with you and your friends.

Let it be a business lesson and keep at whatever project with fierce action and dedication until it becomes easy.

Tip 2

"Mo can be part of any part of your life even your morning routine"

The first hour of the day is the most important hour that is no secret but how do those business mogul resist the temptation to skip the early training or to sleep in 30 extra minutes? They have Mo in their routine!

Yep that's right they focus their energy on developing a simple habit but they did it day after day. That is the key: Repetition. Repetition. No matter how small you start, you can have big Mo show up in a big way. For example when I wanted to start running first thing in the morning, day 1 I just put my shoes on and went outside. I did not run at all. Day 2 I woke up, got in my shoes and got down the stairs... that's only a few steps. Stay with me here it's almost finish. Day 3 I went a little further down the road and came back. Day 4 a little more and etc. Just adding a little extra distance each day encouraged me to keep up with the habit and it just cumulated over time.

After 3 months big Mo was strong in my morning routine... Where I was unable to just wake up and jog for 5 min... Now I was doing 25 min each morning and beating my record day after day. Little improvement but steady was the key. Easy to do = Easy not to do. Because no body will congratulate you for all of this. Nevertheless if you want my friend big Mo to visit you, you have to keep it simple and steady.

Tip 3

"Clients attracts clients, money attracts money"

I won't go through my whole story here but I want you to know these simple facts about me to make sense of this 3rd tip:

a) I started broke without any education or certificate
b) I did not have any magic formula or luck
c) I knew I needed big Mo's help to succeed in business

So I started different companies and never had any success at first. I was always looking left and right for the next thing and what my friends where doing. Going out and just wasting a lot of time. One day I realized that this would never bring me to my desired goals and so I started to try different things to have more success. One of those things was to take a full 100% all in mentality in my next project. This was the game changer. This is when I went from making $42,000 per year to $42,000 per week!!

I know it sounds simplistic but that is also the reason not much people out there achieve success in the first place. Most people are trying to find the big leap and the big display of effort that will get all the praise and attention but the truth is you don't have real success that way. Success happens when a person makes a decision to make it work or die trying. And there's no other way to succeed. There is going to be challenges on the path and the uncommitted will surrender at the first sign of challenge. The only way is to keep at it day after day and to keep pilling up the wood until you have a huge fire... a fire so big that nobody can put it out. Once you make a decision like the one I made a few years ago things will start happening because you will figure it out eventually. 

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- Eric Ferron

Eric Ferron

Eric Ferron helps people start and grow successful coaching/consulting businesses.  He is an expert at helping people get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
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